I was never dreaming of Mr. right, I'm the Tomboy type and not at all interested in what the industry told me a wedding was supposed to look like.

And maybe you feel that way too!

but hey - Here's the thing:
your wedding day DOESN'T ACTUALLY need to look like the magazines at all!

Screw proper etiquette and traditions that don't have meaning to you. There is no right or wrong way to get married, as long as it's truly about your love and commitment to each other.⁠

Hi, I'm Rachel

Your unconventional wedding photographer in the heart of Texas.

Kinda crazy that I ended up in the wedding industry, because growing up I never dreamed of my knight in shinning armor. I was too busy playing with garden snakes in my backyard and watching my dad customize his old hot rod Beetle in the driveway. I’m a tomboy to my core and what I believed a wedding was supposed to look like never interested me. 

Which led me here. A wedding photographer for couples who want to do their wedding their way. Who want to embrace what it is that makes them special instead of following the latest trend.

Your authenticity advocate. I am 100% here for the weird, different, but totally YOU!

Get ready for your wedding together or walk down the aisle together. Ditch the weird and cringy rituals that creep you out and don’t add any value to your day. Wear black or red or yellow instead of white. Get married on a boat and drink beer the rest of the night. This is YOUR day. Not your mom’s, not your brother’s, not your co-worker’s. YOURS. ⁠

I'm all about your wedding day experience > a photoshoot. You should actually enjoy your wedding day, not be exhausted and ready for it to end. I can't wait to show you what an authentic wedding day can look like.

Are you ready for it? -Taylor Swift

Together, we will create a timeless & magical day centered around you and your partner.

You need a wedding planner and photographer that can stand up and take charge when called for, but who also knows how to blend into the background and tell your story without interfering in the experience. It’s a skill to balance both, but I’m an expert in the art of documentary wedding photography and intentional planning. 

It’s super easy to have a wedding day that speaks to your soul and embraces all your eccentricities. So what are you waiting for? 

Love stories I've captured.