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weddings for the rebels weddings for the rebels weddings for the rebels

Who says you have to wear white?! get married in a church?! fit the narrative?!
Who the heck made these rules anyway?!

The Rebel's Manifesto:
Your permission to break free.

Traditional weddings might leave you feeling like a guest at your own party.

Not here. Your Wedding, Your Rules.

Flip the script and break free from traditions that don’t feel authentic by embracing the rebel within.

[ walk down the aisle together, have a night ceremony, get matching tattoos at your reception ]

Let’s forge a day that is as bold, beautiful, and unapologetic as you are!

The Rae & Co. Experience

Wedding photography that evokes your truest self, not just pretty photos.

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Words from the rebels

Your wedding is NOT a photo shoot.

Making memories, not just photographs.

Your wedding day is not a photoshoot – there, I said it. It’s a symphony of genuine moments, raw, unfiltered emotions, and authentic connections.

We’re not here to stage perfection; we’re here to capture the perfectly imperfect, the tears, the laughter, and the moves on the dance floor that’ll make grandma blush. The messy, the chaos, the unexpected- it all has meaning.

Because let’s be real – the photos are a beautiful byproduct, but the heart of it all is quality time between you, your partner and the people who love you.

Wanna learn more about the Rae & Co team and what makes us different?

Your photographer, planner + authenticity advocate

Hey y’all! My name is Rachel, but you can call me Rae.

I’m the owner and lead photographer here at Rae & Co. I’m an Army veteran who has photographed and planned weddings and elopements across the country since 2013. 

My team and I believe that wedding photography does not need to be heavily orchestrated. You don’t need to be micro-managed while you put on your clothes. You’ve been getting dressed without help for a long time now. We let the day unfold organically so we can pay closer attention to all the little hidden moments that make your day truly special.

Say NO to cookie-cutter and YES to intention.

Let's preserve the traditions that hold sentimental value, discard those that don't resonate, and create new, meaningful rituals that mark the genesis of your unique family story.

We are your advocate and ally in gently steering away from unnecessary expectations from well-meaning friends and family. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between honoring tradition and embracing the new.